Thank you for pledging participation in the Local Products Challenge and committing to incorporate more local products in your school meals during the month of October 2017.

As a reminder, if you would like additional resources about how local may be defined, what school menu items can be sourced locally and how to source local products, please visit TDA’s statewide Farm Fresh Initiative website,, or contact

* 1. Please complete the following information.

* 2. Please choose the preferred person for TDA to contact regarding the Local Products Challenge.

As part of your participation in the October 2017 Local Products Challenge, TDA will send each CE materials to support the celebration of Farm Fresh Fridays and local products in schools.


Static Clings: this item will adhere to glass food guards on the cafeteria line and help identify which food items include local ingredients.
Static clings will be packaged in sets of 3; TDA will distribute a maximum of (1) set for each campus/site for each CE participating in the challenge.

"We Serve Local" Buttons: this item is for cafeteria team members to wear to proudly show support for serving local food in school meals and snacks. 
Buttons will be packaged in sets of 25; TDA will distribute a maximum of (2) sets of buttons for each CE participating in the challenge.

"I Tried Local" Sticker: this item can be used as a student incentive for trying a food made with local ingredients. 
Stickers will be packaged in sets of 120 stickers; TDA will distribute a maximum of (3) sets of stickers for CE participating in the challenge.

* 3. What is your preferred mailing address for all challenge materials? (Physical address only, no PO Box)

* 4. Will you celebrate Farm Fresh Fridays and the Local Products Challenge with a student educational activity?

Participation recognition
TDA will recognize all CEs that complete the challenge and submit the attestation form that clearly indicates which cafeteria meal items include local products during the challenge period and the Farm Fresh educational activity. Please visit the Local Products Challenge Web page at for a copy of the attestation form. 

Farm fresh educational opportunities for students can include any activity that educates students about local food and agriculture. Activity examples include, taste testing local products, field trip to a local farm or farmers market, Meet the Farmer day, garden-based learning activity or classroom lesson focused on local food and/or agriculture. You may use one of TDA’s Farm Fresh Fridays celebration ideas and resources or create your own. 

Economic impact evaluation
Following the Local Products Challenge, TDA will follow up with all participants and request estimated order quantities and value of local products used during the week. When possible, we would love to know the producer or company that grew or raised each local product. Additionally, we request that Texas products ordered through the DoD Programs be indicated separate from those purchased with food service funds. This information will help us celebrate the amount of Texas products students enjoyed during the Local Products Challenge.

Thank you for partnering with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions or concerns.