The NCSEA Leadership Symposium, launched in 2015, is designed to provide directors, managers and leaders in the child support community with content focused on nurturing current and future leaders. This audience includes those who lead within their offices, regardless of title. Traditionally, two-thirds of conference attendees have been in the child support profession for more than ten years, reflecting vast programmatic knowledge and experience. The NCSEA Leadership Symposium focuses on courses that combine knowledge and experience in the child support program with education on developing core leadership skills, such as critical thinking, decision-making and the visioning/strategic thinking processes.

NCSEA’s Leadership Symposium Planning Committee is seeking proposals for sessions within the NCSEA Leadership Symposium that will provide relevant, dynamic knowledge to attendees while enhancing their professional development.  Workshops are sixty (60) or seventy-five (75) minutes in length, including audience interaction (question & answer). NCSEA will determine the length and scheduling of workshops based on scheduling availability. 

In order to achieve a balanced conference program, NCSEA’s Leadership Symposium Planning Committee reserves the right to combine proposals, and request that some or all of the content be included in another presentation and/or co-presented.

All proposals must be submitted by Friday, January 20. Please direct any questions or comments to Cozzie King, NCSEA Manager, Professional Development, at

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* 6. Learning Objectives:

Three (3) measurable learning objectives (written from the perspective of what participants will learn, rather than what speakers will teach).

 Following my presentation, participants will be able to…..

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* 9. Recommended Speakers*(include name, title, organization and email, if possible):

NCSEA recommends that private sector submissions be partnered with one or more public sector partners. Direct promotion of products, salesn pitches, or any other methods used to sell or promote a specific company, product, or service, are strictly prohibited.

* 10. Has this presentation been made in the previous 3 years at either an NCSEA or non-NCSEA event, or is it scheduled to be made sometime in 2017? Please state conference/meeting/occasion and dates.

* 11. References/Previous Session Reviews (optional)