Weekday Talk Programming

Thank you for taking the 2017 KSJD programming survey! The following questions are focused on who you are, and your listening habits related to KSJD's weekday talk programs. Your responses to these questions will help us improve our services and radio programming.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What age group are you in?

* 3. Where do you reside?

* 4. How often do you listen to Native America Calling?

* 5. Approximately what portion of Native America Calling do you typically listen to?

* 6. How could KSJD better inform you about Native American news, policy, and social issues?

* 7. How could KSJD best deliver Native American content?

* 8. Which of KSJD's weekday noontime programs based on science, curiosity, and storytelling do you listen to most often?

* 9. How often do you listen to KSJD's noontime science, curiosity, and storytelling programs?

* 10. Approximately what portion of KSJD's weekday noontime science, curiosity, and storytelling programs do you listen to?

* 11. How often do you listen to Democracy Now?

* 12. If you do listen to Democracy Now, approximately what portion of the program do you listen to?

* 13. Democracy Now is also available online and on local TV. Do you watch the program on these platforms?

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