Rules of Entry

1.     Companies/organizations may nominate themselves.
2.     Nominee must have a “presence” and/or significant economic impact in Northern Santa Barbara County.
3.     There is no limitation on what may be considered an innovation and eligible for nomination.  The innovation can be anything such as a device, process, concept, operation, computer program, etc. 
4.     Deadline for entries is 5:00 PM on October 20, 2017.
5.     Nominations will be evaluated based on the following three criteria:
        a.     Innovation
        b.     Value
        c.      Overall Impact
6.     Nomination can include photos, written descriptions and any additional materials deemed relevant.
7.     To make a nomination
        a.    please fill out this questionnaire and submit
        b.    fill out a PDF version and email:
        c.    print a PDF version and mail: 2605 S. Miller, #107, Santa Maria, CA 93455