Dear Community Member,

Inter-County Community Council (ICCC) is conducting a Community Needs Assessment, which asks questions about issues like childcare, education, housing, employment and healthcare.  We conduct this survey every 3 years to understand where services are needed most.  ICCC’s designated service area includes Clearwater, Pennington, east Polk and Red Lake counties. Some of our services cover additional counties.

The survey is anonymous—we do not collect names or personally identifying information of those that complete our survey.  We value your input and want to understand your needs.

For each category there are several statements.  Please follow the directions for responding to each statement, if you feel you or someone in your household have a need in that area.

If you have questions or need assistance to complete this survey, please call our ICCC office in Oklee at 1.888.778.4008




Catherine Johnson                                                      John Lerohl

Executive Director                                                      ICCC Board of Directors, Chairman