Feedback on Illinois Audubon Magazine

The Illinois Audubon Society was incorporated on April 10, 1897, and since 1916 has communicated with members via a periodic magazine. All are welcome to provide input on the survey, however, some questions will relate specifically to the Illinois Audubon Society magazine, which members receive quarterly (to join and receive a magazine, visit

One of the founding premises of the Illinois Audubon Society was to foster the understanding that the youth of Illinois have toward conservation and nature. Throughout the past 120 years we have implemented, or endorsed, a variety of programs. As we look to the future, we're interested in learning your impressions of the connections, or lack thereof, today's youth have with nature, and what type of a role the organization should have.

The last two questions of this survey relate specifically to the quarterly magazine, asking for input on how we're doing and the types of articles you would like to read in future editions.

Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to share your thoughts and ideas!

* 1. Based on your observations of today's youth, how interested do you think the majority of youth are to know and understand the natural world around them?

* 2. From your personal observations, what do you feel are the most effective programs and efforts to connect Illinois youth with nature?

* 3. What type of youth education programming do you feel would give Illinois Audubon Society the "biggest bang for our buck," and reach a diverse audience across the state?

* 4. What recent Illinois Audubon story was your favorite?

* 5. What topic would you like to see covered in a future issue?