The next Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report is on the theme of Accountability in Education.

We will be exploring who is responsible for providing a quality education, how they communicate about what they are doing to achieve their responsibilities, and if these accounts help to ensure a quality and equitable education for all. We want to know which countries are doing this well in this regard, and which are not. Your voices count on this issue. Please help inform our next GEM Report by answering the following questions.

* 1. Contact information

* 2. Do you think the right to education is upheld in your country? Please explain.

* 3. Who do you hold responsible for providing equitable and quality education in your country? Please explain.

* 4. Often the government is blamed for everything that doesn’t work in education. Can you describe some of the times when they should not be the only ones responsible?

* 5. Do you feel that you have ways of holding your government and the international community to account for the promises they make on education? If so, what are they?

* 6. What role do civil society organizations play in education in your country? Is anyone making sure they’re providing a quality education for all?

* 7. How big a role does the private sector have in education in your country (for example, private schools, providing technology in classrooms, or after-school tutorials)? Do you think anyone is holding them to account?

* 8. Do you think the money spent on ICT, including computers and tablets, is helpful for students’ learning and supports teachers’ work?

* 9. Are you  a member of an NGO? Has it helped to hold governments or others to account for education? Can you give an example?

* 10. Please indicate if you are a: