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Thank you for taking the time to complete our 2017 GACCE Wage & Benefit Survey.

Please note that the results will only be shared with Chamber Executives whose chambers are members in good standing with GACCE. The results will not be available on the GACCE website at any time.

You must complete the survey in order to receive the results for free.  If you do not complete the survey, the results may be purchased for a fee of $100.

The information below is for contact purposes only. Individual Chamber information will not be disclosed.

* 1. Chamber Name

* 2. Name of Person Completing the Survey

* 3. Contact Information

* 4. Chamber Chief Executive's Name

* 5. In what year was your Chamber established?

* 6. What is the population of the area your chamber serves?

* 7. Is your chamber accredited by the US Chamber of Commerce?

* 8. Has your chamber achieved the Georgia Certified Chamber designation?