Details about the sessions and registration

The Victorian Games and Apps Challenge (GAC) is open to all Victorian Schools.
The following webinars have been organised to support teachers and students in the use of the tools and playing games safely.
You don't have to join the Challenge to attend the following webinars. All teachers and students are welcome at each event. 
Sessions include:
  • John Sietsma (Unity Technologies)
    Playground Project - Beginning game making in Unity without coding.
  • Dan Bowen (microsoft)
    Visual Studio / Makecode / Touch Develop - Get to grips with the basics of these tools to create your apps or games
  • Stephen Elford DET and Dan Bowen - Minecraft in Education (TBA)
  • Sean Elliot- introducing Scratch to both teachers and students - Fri 8th Sept 11am & Thur 14th Sept 11am
  • Greg Gebhart and Sandy Phillips eSafety Commission & DET - Safe in the Games (Separate registration here for the esafety events) 

    All details around the Challenge
     GAC Submissions close on Wednesday, October 11 2017

    Finalists of the Challenge will be showcased on October 27 during the Education in Games Summit as part of Melbourne Games Week.

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