To All UFCW Local 770 Members Employed by Food 4 Less:

Your Union contract expires on June 4, 2017, and preparations are underway for a successor Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Negotiations provide us the opportunity to make changes to our working conditions and improve our wages and benefits.  The process usually takes several months and at the conclusion you vote to accept or reject the offer.

In order for your Union Leadership to negotiate the best possible contract, you and your coworkers must be strong and unified.  This will send a strong message to management that you support your Union’s actions and are willing if necessary to take action to obtain a fair and equitable contract. 

The below questionnaire is your opportunity to provide input for bargaining.  We are interested in the issues most important to you and your coworkers.  Please complete the questionnaire and return in the postage paid envelope by May 5, 2017.  You can also complete the questionnaire here on line at

Thank you for your input.