1. Pre-Test

Please take a minute to complete this pre-session survey both to gauge your existing knowledge of the subject matter in advance of the webinar (necessary to award of CME/CE credits) and also to help ARHP assess the impact of its educational programs. Completing this survey will provide ARHP with an invaluable tool for understanding how health professionals use educational offerings and how ARHP activities might be improved to serve you better.

* Today's date (MM/DD/YYYY):


* Your primary professional category (choose the one best response):

* Do you interact with patients?

* How did you hear about this ARHP educational activity? (Please check all that apply.)

* What is the minimum age required to purchase levonorgestrel EC products without a prescription?

* A woman has unprotected sex, and takes an EC pill after the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge has begun (but before the LH peak). Can EC pills still work at this point?

* Your patient, Joanna, is a 25-year-old woman weighing 195 lbs. She is seeking emergency contraceptive for unprotected sex that happened 48 hours ago. Which of the following are important considerations for Joanna? (Check all that apply.)

* How many times can a woman safely use LNG EC within the same cycle?

* When writing advance prescriptions for EC pills, which of the following is false?

* As a result of participating in this activity, I hope to be better able to:

Thank you for completing this pre-session questionnaire. You can now access the webinar here. After viewing the webinar please complete the post-session questionnaire to earn CME/CE credit. You can access the post-test here. If you have any questions, please contact education@arhp.org.