Thank you for your interest in the Emerging Advocates Program!
Beginning in 2017, program participation will be based on individual development of a skillset and knowledge base that is integral to legislative advocacy on affordable housing and homelessness issues. If selected to participate, you will track your skill development using a checklist of activities, together with a Housing Alliance staff member and a EAP graduate mentor. These activities could be completed in as little as a month, but participants will have a year in which to complete them.
Ten participants will be selected to begin the program in 2017. Please share your contact info and answer the following 10 questions if you'd like to be considered to be among this year's Emerging Advocates.
More information about the Emerging Advocates Program is available at, or by contacting program director Alouise Urness:, (206) 442-9455 x 203.

Please note that in addition to completing this form, applicants should submit at least one recommendation in support of their application. Directions to submit recommendations are at the end of this application.