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The prerequisite to attend the DFMC courses is to be currently serving as a member of the professional staff or in an administrative role for the Catholic Church in the areas of finance, accounting, auditing, insurance, stewardship development, information technology, Chancery services, or other fiscal management related function.

* CDFM Overview, Ms. Debbie Swisher, CPA, CGA, CDFM

* Internal Audit Forum (English or Spanish), Mr. Don Borisch and Mr. Jorge Montenegro

* General Session I, Keynote Address, Reverend Thomas Gaunt, S.J.

* General Session II, "Elastic Ethics: How to Make your Work Match your Faith" Dr. Allen R. Hunt, PhD

* General Session III, "ACA: Ongoing Impact on Dioceses and Church-Related Organizations" Ms. Kim Viti Fiorentino, JD

* Concurrent Session IV/V-A, "Building a Plan for Sustainable Revenue" Mr. Mark C. Germano

* Concurrent Session IV/V-B, "Cemetery Care Fund - Ageless Witness of Faith" Mr. Stephen E. Bittner and Mr. Richard Peterson

* Concurrent Session IV/V-C, "Feed the Hungry, Serve the Poor, Go and make Disciples: The Experience of First Fruits Farms" Mr. William Baird and Mr. Richard Bernstein

* General Session VI, "Partners in Ministry During Times of Transition: Chancery Office as Ministry and Resource in Personnel Transition Management" Mr. Richard Kelly and Mr. Dennis Naughton

* General Session VII, "Catholic Schools Sustainability: Is it Possible?" Dr. Patricia A. Weitzel-O’Neill, Mrs. Rose Michalec, Mr. Thomas J. Kiely

* Concurrent Session VIII/IX-A, "Banking Fraud: Outside and Inside Attempts to Access Bank Accounts" Mr. Ernie Cooper

* Concurrent Session VIII/IX-B, "Continuing Canonical and Civil Law Challenges with Child Sexual Misconduct Matters" Dr. Diane L. Barr

* Concurrent Session VIII/IX-C, "Church Management Update: The Benefits and Risks of Social Media" Dr. William Wagner

* Concurrent Platinum Session X-XI-A: CBIS "Being a Catholic Fiduciary: Strategies to exercise and extend the responsible stewardship of your investments" John W. Geissinger, Mr. Robert P. Stelben, and Ms. Tracey C. Rembert

* Concurrent Platinum Session X-XI-B: CMS "Tapping into the Catholic Cemetery Market Potential for Your Diocese" Robert Seelig

* Concurrent Platinum Session X-XI-C: CAPTRUST "Current Trends in Catholic Investing" Mr. Stephen H. Schott, Ms. Michele Manry, Mr. Matthew Byrne, Mr. John Barker

* Concurrent Platinum Session X-XI-D: DFP "Finance and Philanthropy Strategies that Solve Funding Shortfalls" MMr. Michael Schierl and Mr. Kevin Kacvinsky

* General Session XII: Luncheon and Annual Business Meeting, "Make Church Matter" Rev. Michael White and Mr. Tom Corcoran

* General Session XIII, "Coming to America: Taxation of International Religious Workers and Students" Mr. Matthew Giuliano

* General Session XIV, "Report on the Survey of Diocesan Priests and Lay Personnel Compensation and Benefits with Practical Application of Survey Results" Ms. Mary Santi and Mr. Scott Hoselton