Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Collegiate Effie Awards competition.  Completing this form tells us that your students intend to enter one of this year's brand challenges.  We will contact you soon with competition updates.  To receive regular updates, please sign up to receive our emails on the Collegiate Effie homepage.

  1. A few things to note about entry:
    Before receiving the client briefs you must sign a non-disclosure agreement:
    IBM Brand Challenge NDA
    Pace Brand Challenge NDA

  2. When entry materials become available, your students should thoroughly read the Entry Guide and then begin work on the written Entry Form, Creative Reel video, and Images of proposed creative work with their teams of 2-4 members. All entry materials will be submitted via an online entry portal, which will be available in the weeks prior to the deadline - April 4, 2017.

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* 3. Have you assigned Collegiate Effie challenges as a class project in the past?

* 4. Which challenge(s) do your students plan to participate in?

* 5. How many teams (2-4 students) do you plan to have participate in each challenge?

* 6. How did you hear about the Effie Collegiate competition?

* 7. Please tell us about your school's schedule.

* 8. Do you have interest in being involved with future Collegiate Effie competition planning?

* 9. Is there a communications or PR contact at your school/department who we should reach out to regarding Collegiate Effie opportunities?

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