At MHEDA's request, the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), the national leader in certifying individuals for front-line work in advanced manufacturing and logistics, volunteered to develop a new MSSC-certified Forklift Technician (CFT) program. This standards-based training and certification program is designed to respond to MHEDA member needs for a pipeline of well-prepared, entry-level individuals with the skills needed to maintan, repair and service forklift trucks. CFT training and certification will be marketed to and administered by participating community colleges, technical schools and high schools across the U.S.
Based upon content in the respected basic course for forklift maintenance developed by Mitsubishi-Caterpillar North America (MCFA) and with the assistance of subject matter experts recruited by MHEDA, MSSC has produced the final draft of the standards for the CFT program which MHEDA now has to validate with a cross-section of its members. Those standards are divided into two modules:
  • Conduct Maintenance
  • Conduct Customer-approved Service and Repair
We are writing today to ask for your assistance in this program by providing the following:
  • Feedback on the Standards (Part 1 of the survey) and feedback on Market Research (Part 2 of the survey). For your convenience, the standards are provided within the survey. Edits and comments can be provided after each standard.