At the Small Business Forum that will be hosted in Brenham on June 7, an award will be presented to bring statewide recognition to great local businesses. Your help is needed to nominate the 4th annual "Small Business of the Year" in Washington County. 

Complete the questions below to nominate a business. Please consider nominating your own business. Nobody knows your business better than you!

The DEADLINE for nominations is Friday, April 21. Thank you.

* 1. Name of business being nominated:

* 2. Address/location of business:

* 3. Owner/manager name(s):

* 4. Employee size:
(Enter the total of full-time positions. Two part-time equal one full-time equivalent.)

* 5. This business is locally-owned/operated.

* 6. Length of time in business in this community:

* 7. What makes this business deserving of recognition?

* 8. Describe the business' involvement in and contributions to the community:
(owners/managers/employees activities, donations/sponsorships, etc.):

* 9. Does the business have an impact beyond the community, at the state and/or national level?

* 10. What obstacles or hurdles has this business overcome?

* 11. Any other comments about this business:

* 12. Your name & organization: