Please complete this 7 minute survey for your chance to win a $300 Morinville Home Hardware GC!

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* 7. How has your business been this past year? Please describe the reason for your answer in the text box.

* 8. What would help your business? Please provide a brief description with your answer.

* 9. The Town of Morinville offered several business courses in 2017. Please let us know which of the following categories for education would be the most valuable to your business in 2018.

* 10. Are you anticipating growing your business or relocating within Morinville in 2018?

* 11. Are you considering closing your business in 2018?

* 12. If you are growing or relocating your business, will you be:

* 13. If your business is planning on renting or you are currently renting, what is your budget for renting space?

* 14. How many full time employees currently work for your business?

* 15. How many part-time employees currently work for your business?

* 16. Do you conduct online marketing?

* 17. Where do you currently promote/advertise your company?

* 18. What kind of marketing do you use to promote your business?

* 19. Do you know of a business interested in locating to Morinville?

* 20. Have you provided the interested business with the contact information for the Manager of Planning & Economic Development Department?

* 21. Would you like a call or visit to your business from a representative from the Planning & Economic Development Department to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your business?

As a reminder, you will receive some correspondence from us in early January 2018 to renew your business licence.
Thank you taking the time to complete our survey. Your input is valued!