Arkansas School Boards Association Annual Conference
December 6-8, 2017
Student Focused Leadership: LISTEN. LEARN. LEAD
For the 2017 ASBA Annual Conference program, we are seeking presentations that meet the following criteria:
  • Targets board members as the primary audience
  • Enhances the knowledge, skills, and abilities of board members with an emphasis on improving student outcomes
  • Includes a school board member as a participant in the presentation (not required but preferred)
  • Shares promising strategies and practices that can be replicated by other districts of all sizes
  • Is designed to engage the audience in meaningful ways
  • Demonstrates innovative ideas and solutions
  • Provides solid, practical, how-to information and tips that board members can take back and apply at the board table

Your proposal must be submitted under one of the following categories intended to address the challenges facing school board members and administrators:

Student Achievement - Presentations will center around the implementation of unique practices that have a positive impact on student achievement. This track offers an opportunity for districts to celebrate their  successes with a “we did it and so can you” approach.
Board Leadership - This category includes facets of board leadership and governance principals including topics such as advocating earnestly, leading responsibly, governing effectively, planning thoughtfully, evaluating continuously, communicating clearly, and acting ethically.
Advocacy - This category focuses on how advocacy makes a difference in your community and the legislative process. Attendees will learn skills to become more effective advocates for public education as well as how to organize at the grassroots and legislative levels.
Governance - Presentations in this category will share how district leadership teams may create or revitalize the element of trust that is necessary for effective functioning.  This includes such topics as roles and responsibilities of the board and superintendent and/or how boards may provide informed oversight without either extreme micromanaging or disengaging.
Technology - This category includes information that demonstrates how a district can best utilize technology in learning and administration/leadership.
Finance - Sessions in this category will show how districts allocate resources to support their mission and goals. This track can include solutions for better budgeting, financial issues affecting school districts, and practical advice on surviving difficult economic times.
Legal Issues and Hot Topics - Presentations falling into this category will share information on resources, news, court decisions, and recent hot legal topics and other legal issues for public schools.

All proposals must be received in the ASBA offices by October 20, 2017