The Idaho Foodbank currently operates over 30 school pantries statewide. We need to hear how you feel about the pantry to know how we’re doing! Your answers are confidential and will not only help us make the pantry better for your family’s use, but also help us in growing the School Pantry Program so it can help many other families across Idaho. Thank you for your time in responding to this survey!

* 1. Which School Pantry do you use?

* 2. Please tell us how many people live in your household

* 3. How many times has your family used your school’s pantry this school year?

* 4. Is using the School Pantry easy and convenient for you? (Check all that apply).

* 12. Are you currently receiving food stamps (SNAP) benefits?

* 13. Are you receiving WIC assistance at this time? (Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women with Infants and Children Under the Age of 5).

* 14. If you received milk vouchers through your School Pantry, did you find them useful?

* 15. When you use the School Pantry, are you treated with respect and courtesy by the staff and volunteers who give out the food?

* 16. When using the School Pantry, were you able to choose the food you took home?

* 20. If unhappy, please tell us why:

* 21. Since using the School Pantry, have you needed to use other food pantries?

* 22. What kinds of DRY/SHELF-STABLE food would you like to get more of from your School Pantry? Check all that you would like more of.

* 23. Are any of your children participating in the Backpack Program?

* 24. If available, will your family keep using the School Pantry next year?

* 25. The Idaho Foodbank partners with schools to host nutrition, cooking, and budgeting classes called Cooking Matters. If this was at your child’s school, would you be interested in taking the class?

* 26. Please share with us any other comments you have on the School Pantry Program (what you like, what you don’t like, what we can do better, etc.):