This survey is focused on usage trends in mind mapping software. It pre-supposes that you are currently using this type of software in your work. If you're not currently using mind mapping software, please do NOT fill out this survey, as your responses could skew the results. Thank you!

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Chuck Frey
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* 1. What type of company are you from? (check one that best applies to your situation)

* 2. Which functional area of your organization do you work in? (please select the one that most closely matches your role)

* 3. What is your level of experience with mind mapping software?

* 4. Approximately how many hours per week does your mind mapping software save you, compared to conventional methods of planning and brainstorming?

* 5. What is the single biggest benefit you have experienced from using mind mapping software? (please select one)

* 6. In what business applications do you currently use mind mapping software? (Please check all that apply)

* 7. How much of a PRODUCTIVITY increase have you experienced from using mind mapping software?

* 8. How much of a CREATIVITY increase have you experienced from using mind mapping software?

* 9. To what extent has mind mapping software changed the overall way in which you work?

* 10. To what extent does your mind mapping software help you to:

  Not at all Slightly Moderately Significantly It's essential
Give you a COMPETITIVE EDGE in your career?
Identify the ROOT CAUSES of business problems?
Make innovative CONNECTIONS between pieces of information
Generate and capture IDEAS more efficiently?
Create high-quality PLANS and REPORTS
MANAGE PROJECTS more efficiently?
Distill information and reach CLARITY faster?
SHARE YOUR IDEAS with greater clarity and impact?
See OPPORTUNITIES that weren't visible before
PRESENT your ideas with impact
DIFFERENTIATE YOU in the minds of your boss and senior-level executives
COLLABORATE more effectively with others?

* 11. Does your mind mapping software enable you to tackle more complex tasks and projects that you would have previously avoided?

* 12. How has using mind mapping software contributed to the overall quality of your work?

* 13. If you did not have mind mapping software, would you be able to produce the same quality of work?

* 14. How CONFIDENT do you feel in your ability to use your mind mapping software effectively?

* 15. How important is DIVERGENT THINKING to your work (the ability to brainstorm a wide variety of creative ideas that are outside the predictable norm)?

* 16. To what extent does mind mapping software help you think DIVERGENTLY?

* 17. To what extent does your job involve THINKING & PLANNING?

* 18. To what extent does mind mapping help you do a more THOROUGH job of THINKING and PLANNING in your work?

* 19. What topics should I focus on in the blog that would help you the most?

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