Dear investor,

The VC4A Research Team invites you, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and outreach partners ABAN and EAVCA, to participate in the annual benchmark study on Venture Finance in Africa.

Reliable data on performance of early-stage, high growth ventures in Africa is scarce. Our ambition is to change the world’s perception of business in Africa by unlocking quality information, and seek to better support the investor community with reliable insights into the market.

The study focuses on both investors as well as entrepreneurs. Job creation, performance, funding and ecosystem are the main indicators that are investigated. The data will be compared across sectors, countries, stages of growth, among other categories.

This survey is for investors only and should take 5 minutes. You can be assured that we will treat the responses anonymously. We will keep you updated about the results through our media channels. If you would like to receive a copy of the full report, or if any questions remain, please email us:

As always, your participation is most appreciated.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. Which country do you consider your headquarters?

* 4. Have you invested in companies in Africa?

* 5. If so, how many years have you been investing in Africa?

* 6. What are your main reasons for investing in African companies?

* 7. Please indicate which type of investor you are

* 8. In case you are an angel investor, are you a member of an angel network?

* 9. Which sector(s) have you invested in and/or which sectors would you consider? (you can select multiple)

* 10. How many investments have you made in African companies?

* 11. What is your average investment size?

* 12. What is your preferred form of investment? (1 is most preferred and 4 is less preferred, you can't use the same number twice)

* 13. Please rank the following venture characteristics when investing? 1 is most important and 8 is least important.

* 14. How do the following country factors influence your investments?

  Very important Important Moderately important Little importance No importance
Laws for investment protection
Political stability
Taxation policy
Personal affinity
Economic growth

* 15. Have you exited one or more of your investments?

The questions below are not required but will be of great help to improve our services to you as investor. 

* 16. Are you familiar with the VC4Africa 'Pro Account' Investor service?

* 17. Please indicate which of the following services create value for you

  Very important Important Moderately important Little importance No importance
Standardized financial statements
Co-Investing support
Dedicated technical assistance
Personal introductions to entrepreneurs
Templates for due diligence, term sheets, etc.
Screened deal flow + Results screening
Dedicated investor networking events
Access to first loss guarantee
Due Diligence support
Structured reporting post deal
1-page investment summaries

* 18. How can we improve VC4Africa and make your life easier?

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