Thank you for participating in the GEAR UP Virginia Student Survey. Please take a few minutes to answer the following 20 questions.

* What is your school?

* To which gender do you most identify?

* Please describe your race / ethnicity.

* What is your current grade level?

* Has anyone from your school or GEAR UP spoken with you about these topics?

  Yes No
College entrance requirements 
Availability of financial aid for college

* Are you knowledgeable about financial aid and the cost and benefits of going to college?

* What is the highest level of education that you expect to obtain?

* What types of colleges are you familiar with? (Check all that apply)

* Using financial aid, scholarships, and your family's resources, do you think you could afford to attend the following types of institutions?

  Definitely not Probably not Not sure Probably Definitely
A trade or technical school
Your local 2-year community college
A Virginia four-year public college/university
A 4-year private college/university

* How many colleges do you expect to apply to?