2017-2018 Grissom Middle School Parent Survey

Thank you for taking this survey.  Your responses will provide valuable information to the Grissom School Improvement team to continue to serve the students, staff and community.  Upon completion of this survey, you will receive a completion code.  Please write this code on a piece of paper, along with your name and your student(s) name(s) and return it to the Grissom office.  There will be a random drawing of those completing the survey to receive a prize.  Thank you for your participation.

* 1. Grissom Middle School is a safe place to learn.

* 2. Grissom Middle School is a clean place for my student to learn.

* 3. I receive a sufficient amount of communication from Grissom Middle School regarding activities, meetings, and other school related news.

* 4. If I contact my student's teacher, I receive a reply within 48 hours.

* 5. If I contact my student's counselor, I receive a reply within 48 hours.

* 6. Grissom Middle School promotes understanding among students from various backgrounds.

* 7. Student conflicts at Grissom Middle School are handled quickly and effectively.

* 8. Discipline of my student(s) has been handled fairly and consistently by Grissom Middle School.

* 9. My student(s) currently have or have previously had the following interventions at Grissom.  Check all that apply.

* 10. The intervention support(s) have been helpful to my student(s).

* 11. I feel the Grizzly PRIDE initiative clearly defines common expectations for my student(s).

* 12. An after school or evening activity that I would attend is...

* 13. What overall rating would you give Grissom Middle School?

* 14. Describe the factors that you used for this rating.