Thyroid Research and News Summarized for Patients and the Public

The American Thyroid Association (ATA) resources are designed to provide up-to-date information for thyroid patients,their families and other interested public communities.  Our current resources include:

•Thyroid Brochures • Interactive Frequently Asked Questions Pages• Find a Thyroid Specialist•Patient Support Links•Alliance for Patient Education•Clinical Practice Guidelines• Thyroid Patient Education Event Calendar•

The ATA is considering offering a new patient e-newsletter that would offer timely thyroid news for patients and the public. As a Friend of the ATA (FATA) and subscriber of Clinical Thyroidology for the Public (CTFP) we would like to gauge your satisfaction with Clinical Thyroidology for the Public as well as survey your interest in receiving an e-newsletter that would serve as a thyroid news source for patients, caregivers, and policymakers devoted to expanding knowledge about the prevention and treatment of thyroid disease. 

Please take 5-10 minutes to answer a few questions about our current publication, Clinical Thyroidology for the Public and a sample patient e-newsletter, Thyroid Connection.