Please answer the following questions to help the Community Services team plan programs and services based on the needs of the community. A summary of the results will be shared in the Membership Newsletter as well as on the website and WFN social media. Include your name and contact information at the end of the survey to be included in the prize draw.

The WFN Communications Department is administering this survey and will share the anonymous results with the Director of Community Services for review. Respondent names and contact information will remain confidential.

* 1. What time of day are you able to participate in programs and/ or services?

* 2. How often have you utilized the following departmental programs and services?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often
A. Early Years
After School Care
Family Circle
Little Coyotes
Father Program
Infant Development Program
Supported Child Development
Connecting Fun for Families
B. Education Services
WFN Tutoring Support
Active Measures
Education School Allowance
Okanagan Training Development Council (OTDC)
Bus Pass (Secondary School)
WFN Alumni Bursary
Income Assistance
C. Health and Wellness
Chronic Disease Management Program
Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
Home & Community Care Program and In Home Care
Health Promotion
Women's Health
Tuberculosis Screening
Medical Transportation
Oral Health
Nurse Practitioner
Counselling Services
Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit
Holistic Arts Group
Happy Program
D. Membership Services
WFN Elders Group
Elder Emergency Housing Repair Program
Benefits Specific to Elders
Membership Services Registry Specialist
WFN Newborn Grant for Members
Assistance with Funeral Expenses
Member Extended Health Benefits
Personal Development
WFN Employment Coordinator
Prospera Place Suite
Culture Exchange Policy
Horseback Riding Lessons
Recreation Funding Program
Meat Program
Community Christmas Party
Big White
E. Sensisyusten
G. Youth and Recreation
Youth Drop In
Driver's Training
Youth Leadership Council
Youth Homework/ Tutoring Program
Girl Power
Cooking Sessions
Snow Shoeing
Drop in Basketball, Volleyball, Racquetball
Youth Fitness/ Tuesday Movie Nights
WFN Snowboard Team
Big White Fridays
Saturday Snowboard Club
Balance the Body, Calm the Mind & Connect with the Spirit Indigenous perspective Yoga w/ Tricia Miller
Basic Hunting Skills 101

* 3. Overall which programs and services are your favorites?

* 4. How do you prefer to receive information about the programs and services?

* 5. Suggestions of programs, workshops or events you would like to see offered in the future?

* 6. What do you believe could improve our services?

* 7. What attracts you to our programs and services?

* 8. What prevents you from participation or visiting community services to access services or getting to programs?

* 9. Would you be able to help us out by volunteering? If so what times work best for you and what types of activities would you be able to help with? Please also provide your name and contact information here for purpose of volunteering.

* 10. Thank you very much for your time and if you would like to be entered in to our draw please provide your name and phone number.