A Survey on Hawaii State Title V Priorities and Strategies

Aloha! The Department of Health/Family Health Services Division (FHSD) seeks your input on the Hawaii State Title V priorities and strategies for 2016-2020. FHSD receives approximately $2.2 million annually in Title V funds from the federal government. Title V of the Social Security Act is the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, which is devoted to improving the health of all women, children, and families.

In selecting priorities and strategies, FHSD considered data, whether FHSD is the lead or can play a strong role, FHSD staff and resources, and opportunity to align with existing community efforts. FHSD will continue to work with state and community partners in planning.

Is FHSD on the right track with its priorities and strategies? Thank you for your input!


* 1. Did you find the 2016 Title V Report informative?

* 2. Will FHSD's work on these priorities and strategies help to improve the health of families in Hawaii?

* 3. What are other strategies that FHSD should consider, in the following areas?

* 4. On what island do you live?

Thank you for completing the survey!  Mahalo!