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Dear RiutBag user

Thank you for being the earliest adopters of the RiutBag, secure backwards backpack. Now, after using your RiutBag, this survey is designed for you to give honest, anonymous feedback on the RiutBag you received. 

Influence the future
You own some of the first ever RiutBags on the planet. 2 years ago, the RiutBag was a prototype. As a RiutBag user, you help to create RiutBags and you are uniquely positioned to build the RiutBag of the future.
Riut is powered by user thinking. Based on your feedback, I'll go back to the drawing board, enhancing the good, removing the bad and making sure the RiutBag is growing and developing to solve the travel problems you experience.
Win the RiutBag you help to build
If you choose to leave your email address at the end of this survey, you could win one of the 2017 RiutBag designs. As I complete new designs in 2017, I will contact winners by email :) 
Thank you for supporting RiutBag design. Come and join the other RiutBag users on Facebook ( Twitter ( and Instagram ( Wishing you safe travels!

Kind regards

Sarah Giblin

RiutBag designer + founder of Riut
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