For Kansas non-public libraries

Responses are requested by 2/10/2017
Please note: This form is not intended for public libraries, public libraries should use the Public Library Statistics form to report their ILL statistics and not duplicate their effort here. All other libraries should use this form. Please include all of your interlibrary loan activity—KICNET, OCLC, shared circ system, fax, e-mail, carrier pigeon, etc. All fields in this form are required; if you had no activity in a category, please enter a zero. "Original items" are books, videos, tapes, and other material that will be returned to the lender; "Copies" are items that the user may keep (generally photocopies; Floating Playaways and FAX transactions should be counted here). "Unfilled" borrowing transactions are counted when you determine that the item is not available AT ALL. For further information see these guidelines.