Nomination Form: Introduction

When it comes to customer service in the bottled water industry, nobody exemplifies it better than your route salespeople. They are truly on the front lines of customer service. That’s why IBWA honors these individuals with the Route Salesperson of the Year Awards.
Nominating one of your outstanding employees for IBWA’s Route Salesperson of the Year competition is a unique opportunity to recognize a team member who helps make your company prosper. This individual should be a dedicated employee who views route sales as a career and not just a day-to-day job. He or she should also have a “motivated and vigorous personality”—and numerous other attributes that contribute significantly to your successful bottled water operation.
Keep in mind that in the IBWA Route Salesperson of the Year competition, there are only winners! Every individual who is nominated receives a certificate for being his or her company’s route salesperson of the year. The nominees, in turn, compete with peers within their same company category for the distinction of being named the IBWA Route Salesperson of the Year.
The winners in the four company segments and their spouses or significant others will be the guests of IBWA for two nights during the 2018 IBWA Annual Business Conference and Trade Show at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 12-15, 2018. They will be honored at the awards presentation during the IBWA General Session, where each winner will be invited on stage to accept the coveted IBWA Route Salesperson of the Year Award.
The companies of award recipients will receive a press release for distribution to their local media. A national press release will be distributed by IBWA.