Nomination Form: Introduction

The plant manager makes a tremendous impact in achieving business goals and objectives for each bottler member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). It is the plant manager who makes sure, on a daily basis, that bottled water is a high quality and safe product for consumers and customers.
The IBWA Plant Manager of the Year Award recognizes the hard work and dedication that these individuals exemplify to their companies and the bottled water industry. Nominating one of your plant managers for IBWA’s Plant Manager of the Year Award is a unique opportunity to acknowledge a valuable team member and enthusiastic employee whose role is essential to the success and growth of your company.
He or she should be a team leader who promotes plant safety and enhances employee morale. This person is an innovator and is able to implement new ideas, while meeting the demands of sales centers in terms of on-time delivery of finished products, as well as provide excellent internal and external customer support. The plant manager nominee must do the following:
* be employed by a current IBWA bottler member company
* be an IBWA certified plant operator (CPO) in good standing
* meet all regulatory GMPs and HACCP requirements and regulations for his or her company
* demonstrate his or her knowledge and capability in providing unsurpassed product quality assurance and food safety. 

In addition, the bottler member’s production facility, under the direction of the nominated plant manager, must have achieved IBWA’s “Excellence in Manufacturing” recognition to be eligible for this award.

Submit your company’s nomination for the IBWA Plant Manager of the Year Award by completing the following application. The nominee will compete with peers in the industry, in four categories based on company sales.

The winners in the four company segments and their spouses or significant others will be the guests of IBWA for two nights during the 2018 IBWA Annual Business Conference and Trade Show at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 12-15, 2018. They will be honored at the awards presentation during the IBWA General Session, where each winner will be invited on stage to accept the coveted IBWA Plant Manager of the Year award.

The companies of award recipients will receive a press release for distribution to their local media. A national press release will be distributed by IBWA.
Deadline for nominations is June 22, 2018.