Please complete this form to register your team for an Oregon FIRST LEGO League Junior Expo. 
Complete this form for one team at a time. 

If there are multiple teams at your location, you must complete one form per team, click the final submit button. Do not hit the back button. Close out and open the link again otherwise you will erase the information from the 1st team. 

* 1. Please enter your FIRST LEGO League Jr team number.  This 2-4 digit number would have been given to you when you when you registered your team with FIRST, or from Loridee.

* 2. Please enter the team name that your team has chosen. This does not need to match any team name you have chosen previously, but this name will be the one used at the FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo.

* 3. Is your team affiliated with a school or organization? If so, please enter it.

* 4. Please give the name and email of the person who you would like to be the main contact for this FIRST LEGO League Jr team.

* 5. Please give the name and email of the person who is the second coach contact for this FIRST LEGO League Jr team.

* 6. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: ORTOP and the Hood River County Historic Museum will host the Gopher Expo presented by Google. The expo will take place on Saturday June 3rd, from Noon to 4pm. 

*Note Expo names are for fun only and do not reflect what your team has explored this season

Which event would your team prefer to attend as their 1st choice?

* 7. For all teams other than Gorge teams, please select a 2nd choice in case your 1st choice is not available.

* 8. For all teams other than Gorge teams, please select a 3rd choice in case your 1st and 2nd choice is not available.

* 9. Where is your team located?

* 10. Would you like to be grouped with any other teams?  If so please list team names and numbers here.  If it is not possible to both get into your 1st choice Expo time and group you together with these teams, preference will be placed on keeping the teams together in the top most choice that can accommodate the multiple teams.

* 11. How many team members (ages 5 - 10 - as of January of 2016) are on your team? (We will be using this information to order awards. Please be accurate.)

* 14. Are there any special accomodations that need to be made for your team at the FIRST LEGO League Jr Expo?

* 15. Is your team planning to use a WeDo kit at the EXPO?  We will do our best to provide power if possible at the venue, but recommend all devices are fully charged before attending the expo.

* 16. Is your team considering moving up to FIRST LEGO League (4th-8th grade robotics competition) next year?

Please click the final SUBMIT button to be directed to the payment page to pay the $40-80 EXPO REGISTRATION FEE. This is a separate fee from the national registration fee. Teams must pay both the national $75 registration fee to receive a valid team number and Expo materials and the $80 Oregon expo registration fee to participate in an expo. If your team is a public school team - Google has covered your expo fee!

Coaches will be notified 2 weeks prior to the expo (or earlier) as to which event their team has been assigned.  

If you are not forwarded, please go to the payment section is in the light blue box on the right-hand side of the page, just under the registration link.

Please make sure you press the SUBMIT button.
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