The ColmisPlus team of engineers & mechanics offers you full support. Book now for this season!

The 2015/2016 winter season is about to start and over the last few months we have already been allocating our ColmisPlus engineering team following the service requests we receive. You can now secure you get the resources your require by completing the following short form. We appreciate your time!

IMPORTANT: Still not 100% certain about what projects you need us for? Your feedback is still very important to us! So that we can prepare in advance to satisfy your future requests, please take a moment to fill out this form to give us an idea of your possible needs and tick the box "estimation" in question 4. Thank you!


* 1. What services of ColmisPlus are you interested in?

  Very interested Interested Not interested
Systems Tuning and Calibration
 - AWD
 - Suspension
 - Ride and Handling
 - Steering
 - Brakes
 - Active Safety (ABS/TCS/ESP)
Coldstart Performance
Mileage Evaluation
ADAS Development
Tyre Development
Vehicle Alignment Measurement

* 2. When would you like to book ColmisPlus for? (week numbers are for 2016)

  Engineers Drivers Mechanics
December (or earlier)
Week 2 (Jan 11 - Jan 17)
Week 3 (Jan 18 - Jan 24)
Week 4 (Jan 25 - Jan 31)
Week 5 (Feb 1 - Feb 7)
Week 6 (Feb 8 - Feb 14)
Week 7 (Feb 15 - Feb 21)
Week 8 (Feb 22 - Feb 28)
Week 9 (Feb 29 - Mar 6)
Week 10 (Mar 7 - Mar 13)
Week 11 (Mar 14 - Mar 20)
Week 12 (Mar 21 - Mar 27)
Week 13 (Mar 28 - Apr 3)
Week 14 (Ap 4 - Apr 10)
After April 10
Other dates

* 3. Use this space if you have any special request not included in the services above (optional).

* 4. Can you already confirm your booking or are you still in the planning phase?

* 5. Finally, could you let us know how you learned about ColmisPlus? (optional)

* 6. Please give us your details to process the booking:

Still haven't seen the video on ColmisPlus we recently showed at the Automotive Testing Expo 2015 in Stuttgart? Click play on the clip below (this is a long version of the video; a shorter one will be coming soon)!

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