1. Part 1

Firstly, the Bank and Fund Civil Society Teams are reviewing the process for the CSPF and would like your views on how to improve the Forum. Your input is vital – as we aim to come up with a more transparent set of guidelines for the CSPF.

We would like to seek your input on the following 3 issues.

Question Title

* 1. What is your main goal/objective when organizing a specific seminar at the Civil Society Policy Forum? If you have organized CSPF seminars in the past, please share your views on what has worked and what could have been done differently.

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* 2. In recent years, we have had more requests for CSPF seminars than slots available. How should the IMF/World Bank/CSOs agree on the best sessions to choose for the Policy Forum? How do we fit 80+ entries into about 40 or so slots, while ensuring the inclusion and representation of a diverse range of global CSOs?

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* 3. Do you think it would be useful to have different types of formats to allow for more diverse engagement (e.g., high-level panels with audience interaction; closed-door roundtable meetings; small-scale conversations with experts)? If so, please share your thoughts on specific session formats that you think could work and which you would like to see adopted.