Welcome to the Brothertown Indian Nation

Part 1: Census Survey:
Head of Household (Brothertown Member): Please do question # 1 thru 6, then skip to question 9 and complete survey.
Household Member (all others living in the home): Please do question 1 and then skip to question 7 and complete the survey.

Why does BIN need your income?
   *Subsidized government programs use income for funding eligibility and levels.
   *Health care is one of the largest expenditures for families. The income level will assist Brothertown Leadership in determining if health care related services or supplements could benefit members.
   *Provides Brothertown Leadership with data to determine future tribal services and support.
   *Analyzing Economic Development.

Part 2: Needs Survey is found on page 2. This should be filled out by all members 18 and older.

Thank you for participating in our survey.
Your feedback is important because this will help the Leadership know where the outreach goes  and will help the Leadership prioritize goals.
Your feedback will also help with members who are willing to do, to learn, and to participate in various events and projects..