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Thank you for attending the 2016 AFOA Annual Meeting, your feedback is extremely important in planning for next year's Annual Meeting.  Please take a few minutes of your time to fill out the 10 questions below.  Hope to see you in Chicago on October 11 & 12, 2017. 

* 1. AFOA's 2017 Annual Meeting will be back in Chicago.  Would you prefer to stay in Chicago for a 3rd year for AFOA's 2018 Annual Meeting or go back to New York?  If you decide to stay in Chicago, would you like to stay at The Drake hotel or go to a different hotel? The hotel rate for The Grand Hyatt in New York is $409 per night vs. The Drake in Chicago at $265 per night.

* 2. Please offer any feedback on any/all speakers below: 

Rendered Products Forum (Animal Protein/Tallow combined):
                        Dr. Charles Starkey, Auburn University
                        Ryan Standard, The Jacobsen Publishing

Keynote Speakers:
                        Sara Fagen  
                        Doug Sosnik

Outlook Seminar: Kurt Barth, The Brock Report 

Vegetable Oils Forum: Leon Bruner, DVM, PHD, Grocery Manufacturers Association

Biofuels Forum:
                          Graham Noyes, Noyes Law Corporation
                          John Cusick, RBF Port Neches LLC
                          Larry Schafer, National Biodiesel Board 

Industry Panel Forum:
                          Dan McLaughlin, Grain and Grain Products Marketing & Sales at Union              
                          Bob Collette, Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils
                          Jimmy Connor, RJ O'Brien & Associates LLC

* 3. Please list any recommendations for speakers and/or topics you would like to see at future AFOA meetings.

* 4. Did you attend the committee meetings and forums?

* 5. How could the forums be improved?

* 6. How do you compare the AFOA meeting and its costs to other similar, industry conferences?

* 7. Did you use the Members' Lounge?  Any additions or changes you would like to see in the Members' Lounge?

* 8. Are you planning on attending the 2017 Annual Meeting in Chicago?

* 9. Would you like to go see the schedule change to where the Gala Reception is on Wednesday night next year?

* 10. Is there anything else you would like for those who plan the meeting to know?