Project Overview

The County of Two Hills, Town of Two Hills, Village of Myrnam and Village of Willingdon have jointly initiated a project to develop and update a series of statutory planning documents including their Municipal Development Plans, Land Use Bylaws, and Intermunicipal Development Plan. Green Space Alliance, a Planning Consulting firm based in Edmonton, has been retained by all four municipalities to lead this project. This project is funded through the Alberta Community Partnership program of the Province.

The IDP will be under the direction of the Regional Advanced Partnership for Intermunicipal Development (RAPID) Committee. This committee includes Chief Elected Officials and Chief Administrative Officers from each municipality.

The success of this coordinated approach is highly dependent on the active feedback we receive from our residents. Many times residents say they are not involved in the decision process - they did not have any input into key decisions.This is your opportunity to both be heard and contribute to a brighter future. Plan to attend one of the community workshops. (Details at the end of the survey)

We look forward to seeing you at one of the workshops and thank you for your responses to the questions posed in this survey.

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