Hi and welcome to your 2015 Senior Survey! Before you head off to life after Roeper, we need to get some details from you. It's important to fill out ALL of the information requested because it will help us a great deal in addition to the fact that your transcripts will not be made available to you until this survey is completed and submitted!

As you move on to your new adventures, keep in mind that you will ALWAYS be a part of our community and family. As such, we will enjoy hearing about what you're up to, how you're doing and all your updates! As the Director of Alumni Relations, Adam Smock will be your main contact for these things and you can contact him anytime! There are a number of wonderful programs available to our alumni and now you're one of them!! Please contact him at adam.smock@roeper.org ESPECIALLY when you have a change to your primary email, mailing address, and/or phone number.

In addition, you're always welcome and encouraged to come back to say "Hi".

The following survey won't take too long and is so important to us! Thank you for your help with this, and congratulations!

Now, let's get started...