1. 2015 AAGE Employer Round Tables Registration

Register here for the 2015 AAGE Graduate Recruitment Employer Round Table discussion group series.

Please note:

• All attendees must be current financial members of the AAGE.

• This event is exclusively for Full Members/employers. No Associate members (including suppliers and careers advisors) will be in attendance during the sessions, however, they will be invited to attend the Networking Lunch.

• If in doubt, please clarify your member status via memberships@aage.com.au.

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* 4. Department/Section

* 5. Organisation

* 6. Email Address

* 7. Would your organisation consider hosting a future AAGE Workshop?

* 8. Please advise us if you have any dietary requirements, allergies, etc.

* 9. Please suggest any topics you would like to add to the agenda for the Round Table