Experience Survey Page

We would like to hear from all who have interacted with our CMHA Niagara Branch Programs and Services.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about your experience with our agency, which will be reviewed by appropriate team(s) and their manager(s).

Your feedback will be used to make changes and advocate for the need for these services in Niagara region.

* 2. Who was the person(s) you had contact with?

* 3. I am a:

* 4. Expectations of programs and services available were discussed clearly
at the beginning of contact (i.e. Welcome Package, verbal discussion).

* 5. I trusted in CMHA staff ability to address concerns presented.

* 6. I was treated with respect by staff.

* 7. I felt staff listened to me carefully and showed understanding of my concerns

* 8. I was provided with skills and/or resources which I feel able to use
to address my needs.

* 9. I was given the opportunity to be involved as much as I wanted in decisions
about treatment, services and supports (including recognition and respect
of individual practices and beliefs).

* 10. I would recommend services at CMHA to a friend or relative.

* 11. I was satisfied with the services I received

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Completely Dissatisfied
Services I recieved

* 12. Other information or comments about your experience with CMHA Niagara Branch services?

* 13. May we use your non-identifying feedback & comments in our communications with funders, newsletters, promotional materials, etc.?