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* 1. Overall, how valuable was this year's Utility Energy Forum to you? Was it:

* 2. Which session topics/sessions were the most useful?

* 3. Which session topics/sessions were least useful?

* 4. What other topics would you like to learn more about at next year's Forum?

* 5. Please indicate how satisfied you were with the following aspects of this year's Forum:

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Pre-Conference Workshop
General Session Format
Keynote Presentations
Standup Challenge
Campfire and Any Port in a Storm hospitality
Conference locale
Conference timing

* 6. How best can we improve the Forum next year?

* 7. Would you recommend the Forum to others?

* 8. How did you learn about the Forum? (mark all the apply)

* 9. What type of organization are you representing?

* 10. What are your primary areas of interest? (mark all that apply)

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