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This page is an application form for the 2015 LA-SiGMA Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU).

This application MUST be completed and all required paperwork (500-word essay, transcripts, and recommendation letters) MUST be turned in no later than March 1, 2015 in order to be considered for this REU.

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* 25. The LA-SiGMA REU runs at six different universities in Louisiana: Louisiana State University (LSU), LA Tech University, Southern University at Baton Rouge, Tulane University, University of New Orleans (UNO), and Xavier University of Louisiana. You have the option of participating in the program of one of these universities. Please list them in the order of your preference.

  First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth No preference Not here
LA Tech

* 26. If selected, do you plan to stay on campus in REU provided housing or off campus?

* 27. Will you be bringing a car to campus for the duration of the REU?

* 28. If you are staying on campus, will you need a parking permit for a car?

* 29. If selected for the REU program, would you consider continuing your research during the academic school year?

* 30. Please look at the projects and indicate the top three projects that interest you the most and whether you are interested or not in the other projects. The full description of the projects can be found at http://institute.loni.org/lasigma/reu/project/index.php.

  First choice Second choice Third choice Sounds Interesting No Preference Not this project
LAMMPS on GPUs for Biomaterial Transport (LSU)
Ab-initio, Predictive Calculations for Optoelectronic and Advanced Materials Research (SUBR)
Synthesis routes of some half-metallic rare earth transition metal oxide nanoparticles and nanomaterials... (SUBR)
Healing-on-demand composite for hydrogen storage and transportation (SUBR)
Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Core-Shell Copper/Carbon Layers and Ligand/Protein Interaction (SUBR)
Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging of Intact Batteries (LSU)
Experimental Exploration of Novel Magnetic Materials (LSU)
Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems (LSU)
Accelerated Physics and Chemistry codes using GPUs (LSU)
Development and Testing of Molecular Interactions to Model Hydrophobic Solubility (Tulane)
Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Self-Assembly of Span 80 Micelles (LSU)
Parallel Finite Elements on Unstructured Meshes Using PETSc and Sieve (LSU)
Single Crystal Growth and Characterization of Bilayered Ruthenates (Tulane)
A User-friendly Novel Tool for Effective Analysis of Experimental Electron Diffraction Data (LSU)
Carbon Nanotube Based Energy Storage Devices (Tulane)
Managing Many High Performance Simulations with an Emphasis on Biomolecular Dynamics Simulations (LA Tech)
Controlled Release of Nanoparticles from Tubular Structures (LA Tech)
Surface Complexation and Colloidal Stability of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles (Xavier)
Explore Scientific Applications with Accelerator Hardware (LSU)
Development of New Approaches for the Simulations of Materials and Biological Systems (UNO)
Micromagnetics Simulation of Magnetic Nanostructures for Nonvolatile Memory Applications (UNO)
Bending and Twisting of Multilayered Micro‐origami Patterns (UNO)
Catalysts for Liquid Fuel Generation (LA Tech)
New Battery Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries (LA Tech)
Nitrogen Oxides Sensors for Diesel Vehicle Exhaust Applications (LA Tech)
NOx Sensor Project (LA Tech)
Study of the Electrical Transport in Polymers Containing Metallo-Carborane Cages (LA Tech)
Sign Learning Kink Path Integral Method (LSU)
Computational Chem. Methods (UNO). a) Novel Enzymatic Biofuel Cells
Comp. Chem. Methods (UNO). b) Metal-nonmetal “Interlayers” of an Existing Perovskite Structure
Comp. Chem. Methods (UNO). c) Bio-inspired Porous Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs)

* 31. Please enter the contact information for the two faculty who will submit letters of recommendations on your behalf. We will contact them via e-mail, therefore, you must provide valid e-mail addresses.

* 32. How did you hear about this REU?

Remember this application and all required materials (500-word essay, transcripts, and recommendation letters) MUST be turned in by March 1, 2015 for you to be considered for the REU.

All materials, transcripts and essay, MUST be sent to:

Staci Kramer
LA-SiGMA REU Program Office
Either by e-mail:
sckramer -at- lsu.edu, e-mail subject: REU Applications,
or mail:
340 E. Parker Blvd.
LSU CCT Digital Media Center
Baton Rouge, LA 70803,
or fax:
Fax: (225) 578-8902, Attn. Staci Kramer