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Research Infrastructure refers to all organizational factors that promote the development and maintenance of research in an organization. These factors include seed money for research, release time for proposal writing, the use of laboratory facilities, the establishment of research collaborations, computer services, and equipment. Exclusive of fellowship award, research infrastructure may also encompass research related graduate student support.

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* 9. How many online STEM-based teaching tools** were created or maintained as a result of this activity/project? Please provide a description and whether new or existing.

**An online STEM-based teaching tool is defined as a resource for K-12 and informal educators and higher education faculty that provide support to improve educators' STEM knowledge and/or enhances student interest/proficiency in STEM.

* 10. Does this activity provide opportunities for students to participate in an existing NASA-sponsored project? If yes, please list project(s).

* 11. Evaluation: How does this activity contribute to meeting the objectives of Space Grant? California Space Grant objectives for Research Infrastructure include:

--Research Infrastructure awards are made competitively
--Research Infrastructure awards reflect the diversity of the State of California

* 12. Evaluation: What metrics or measures are documented (captured) through the evaluation process, to determine the effectiveness of the activity?