1. Queen's University Alumni Travel Program

For more information on specific 2014 tour dates and itineraries, please visit the Alumni Travel webpage (www.queensu.ca/alumni/learning/travel.html) and click on 2014 Tour Schedule.

* 1. Your name:

* 2. If you are a Queen's graduate, please provide your degree and year:

* 3. Please provide your contact information:

* 4. Please send me the 2014 Alumni Travel Catalogue.

* 5. I/We would like to receive ALL of the 2014 individual tour brochures by mail.

* 6. I/We prefer to receive only the following 2014 tour brochures by mail:

The 2014 Alumni Travel Catalogue will be mailed in lateMay/early June 2013. Individual tour brochures are usually available 9-12 months prior to departure date and will be mailed to you as requested.

If you have questions about the Alumni Travel program, please contact me.

Melanie McEwen (melanie.mcewen@queensu.ca)

p: direct (613)533.6000 ext 75341
p: via the Contact Centre (613)533.2060 or (1 800)267.7837 toll-free
f: 613.533.6777

Thank you for your interest!