Welcome! We are excited that you are interested in becoming an Art Feeds Joplin volunteer. Please answer all questions honestly. Art Feeds Joplin is interested in who you are, not the awards you have received. Only passionate, creative, hardworking individuals need complete the application.
We are considering applicants who have:
-30 hours of college credit or 500 hours of work with kids (with references)
-18 years old+

You will be contacted within the next month if you are considered for this opportunity. Thank you for looking to be a part of the Art Feeds Joplin Family!

* 1. Contact Information
*You will be contacted by email concerning this position - please check your email daily for notifications.

* 2. Date of Birth

* 3. Mailing Address

* 4. Social Networking

* 5. Have you been convicted of a felony in the past 7 years?

* 6. Select your current education level.

* 7. School Information

* 8. What type of children are you motivated to work with?

* 9. What other times and days are you available to volunteer?

* 10. What leadership positions have you held?

* 11. We require 30 hours of college credit (in any subject) or 500 hours of work with kids. What experience do you have in childcare or education?

* 12. If a band of zombies attacked your town, what plan of action would you take?

* 13. How would your best friend describe you? What role do you play in your friend group?

* 14. Fill in the blank: Art Feeds _______ .

* 15. Name a few of your biggest accomplishments.

* 16. Here at Art Feeds we are advocates of dreams. What are your dreams and goals for this coming year?

* 17. What talents and experiences can you bring to Art Feeds?

* 18. Work Experience (Most Recent)

* 19. Work Experience

* 20. Reference (Non-Family Member)

* 21. Reference (Non-Family Member)

* 22. Additional Comments