* 1. First Name:

* 2. Last Name:

* 3. Email:

* 4. Department:

* 5. I am:

* 6. The research proposed is best classified as:

* 7. Conception and Definition of the Project:

Applicants should describe the specific research or creative project planned for the time period requested, explaining the basic ideas or questions to be explored and illustrating their approach or line of thought to the extent that these have been developed.

In addition, applicants should explain the relationship of the proposed projects to their immediate and long-range research or creative objectives.

(Please limit your response to approximately 200 words.)

* 8. Significance of the Project to Your Field:

Applicants should clearly indicate the significance of the proposed work and the significance of the contribution it will make to the arts, humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences.

(Please limit your response to approximately 100 words.)

* 9. Plan of Work and Methodology:

Applicants should outline the plan of work, methodology, and schedule for the award period. The following questions may be pertinent:

• What is the present state of the proposed study or creative work?
• What work has been done for the project thus far?
• What remains to be done?
• Where will the study or work be conducted?
• Will the applicant have access to the archives, collections, laboratories, institutions, or persons essential for carrying out the project?

(Please limit your response to approximately 200 words.)

* 10. Significance to you as a researcher:

How would receiving this award advance your work as a researcher?

(Please limit your response to approximately 100 words.)

* 11. Significance to the campus community:

How will the research/creative activity proposed impact the mission of the university?

(Please limit your response to approximately 100 words.)

* 12. Plans for dissemination:

Please describe the timetable for completion of the work proposed, including the mode in which the results of the research will be published, exhibited, and/or performed.

(Please limit your response to approximately 100 words.)

* 13. If applicable, have you completed necessary compliance processes for research involving human subjects and/or animal subjects?

* 14. My activities information in Digital Measures is up-to-date.

(To ensure consistency of reporting, priority will be given to applicants with up-to-date scholarship and research information in the Digital Measures: https://www.digitalmeasures.com/login/fredonia/faculty.)

If your Digital Measures profile is not current, please submit a current CV to pdc-grp@fredonia.edu