Education Advocate of the Year - A student, teacher, administrator, or other individual who actively works to instill a positive educational experience for, and a positive attitude towards, students with disabilities in Baltimore County schools.

Student of the Year - A student with a disability who attends either a public or private grade school, high school, or college in Baltimore County, and who is an exceptional role model not only for students with disabilities, but for all students.

Teacher of the Year - A teacher who, through exceptional effort both in and outside of the classroom, instills in others a positive attitude and acceptance of persons with disabilities, and promotes inclusive education best practices. This person must teach in Baltimore County in any public or private program from pre-school to post secondary.

Employer Award - A business or government agency that has hired and trained people with disabilities, and promotes employment opportunities for qualified individuals with disabilities. The business or agency will have an exceptional record of practicing equal opportunity in employment for people with disabilities.

Employee Award - A full or part-time employee with a disability who lives or works in Baltimore County, is fully integrated into the workforce, and is a model not only for persons with disabilities but for all employees to emulate.

Employee Advocate Award - A person who works with or advocates for Baltimore County residents with disabilities, who has done an outstanding job of facilitating the entry of qualified individuals with disabilities into the workforce, and/or has enhanced public understanding of the importance of people with disabilities in the workforce.

Accessibility Award - A business, store, or organization that has exceeded federal and Maryland law in making its facility physically accessible to citizens with disabilities; a land developer or multi-family housing complex which has shown an understanding and awareness of the residential needs of individuals with disabilities; or, an architect or builder who has made exceptional and creative efforts in designing/constructing a facility that has exceeded federal and Maryland law for accessibility.

Elected Official of the Year Award - Elected public official representing Baltimore County who has shown an awareness of the needs of individuals with disabilities through legislation and/or constituent services.

Family Support Award - Family members or guardians who have shown an exceptional sensitivity to the needs of their children so as to bring attention to the needs of all individuals with disabilities and/or effect positive change in a disability system.

Media/Public Awareness Award - Print or electronic medium, or an organization, which consistently presents a positive image of people with disabilities in Baltimore County, or promotes awareness of disability issues in Baltimore County.

Volunteer Award - Person or organization who, through volunteer efforts, has contributed towards the full participation of people with disabilities in Baltimore County.

Disability Advocate Award - Person who actively works to instill a positive attitude and acceptance of persons with disabilities in Baltimore County.

A member of the Baltimore County Police or Fire Departments, or military veteran, who became disabled or injured while in service to our citizens.

Do you know of an individual, business, or organization that epitomizes a spirit of courage, or has made special contributions to the inclusion and participation of individuals with disabilities, but just doesn’t seem to fit into any of the above categories? If so, please use this category to tell us, so we can consider them for the Chairperson’s Special Award.