1. Application for an exception to the one percent Cap for the VAAP

Federal regulations limit the number of proficient and advanced proficient scores on alternate assessments based on alternate achievement standards within the Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP) that may be counted toward Virginia's Accountability System to one percent of the tested grade levels.

This regulation is to ensure that students with the most significant cognitive disabilities participate fully in the standards and accountability under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), and that schools receive credit for making progress with these students.

The one percent cap is determined by dividing the number of VAAP proficient/advanced proficient scores by the total number of students at tested grade levels (grades 3,4,5,6,7,8, and 11). The number of students at tested grade levels is determined by the September 30 fall membership reported to the VDOE by each school division.

Sample Calculation of Virginia's Accountability System Cap:
Virginia County
16,450 Fall Membership, Grades 3-8,11
x 0.01
164 = Cap for Virginia's Accountability System

Sample Consequences:
251 Passed VAAP-English
-164 Cap for Virginia's Accountability System
87 = Scores to be reassigned for Virginia's Accountability System

Reassigned scores count for Virginia's Accountability System purposes only. They do not affect the student or the IEP. Reassigned scores do not affect graduation and a parent only gets notification of the student's original score.

Your division may complete the following online form to request an exception to the one percent cap on the projected number of proficient or advanced scores on the VAAP that may be included in Virginia's Accountability System determinations.

Please Note: Divisions may apply for multiple exception options.

Questions can be directed to Deborah Johnson at the Virginia Department of Education. Mrs. Johnson's contact information is as follows:(804) 371-2725 or deborah.johnson@doe.virginia.gov.