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Undergraduate Pipeline Network (UPN)
Summer Research Experience
Summer 2014 Application

Hello and thank you for applying to be a part of the Undergraduate Pipeline Network. We will contact you with a decision about participating in the program by the end of April. If have any questions before then, please feel free to contact EManzanilla@salud.unm.edu.

Program Dates: Starting May 28, 2014 and ending July 31, 2014. Participants must be at Orientation on May 28-30, 2014.
PLEASE NOTE: This site works best in Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

IMPORTANT!: The deadline for submitting an application for the UPN Program for Summer 2014 is midnight of March 3, 2014. Any incomplete application submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete all sections of the application before the deadline. Applications that are incomplete as of midnight of March 3, 2014, will not be reviewed or considered.

A complete application requires the following documents to be turned into the UPN program:
-A complete online application
-Completed Coursework Documentation Form - http://hsc.unm.edu/research/brep/newforms/UPN/2013UPNCourseworkDocumentationForm.pdf (emailed to EManzanilla@salud.unm.edu)
-An unofficial copy of your transcripts from every college or university you've attended. (emailed to EManzanilla@salud.unm.edu)
-A copy of your CV or resume (emailed to EManzanilla@salud.unm.edu)
-A letter of recommendation from a professor or advisor that can assess your potential and/or ability to conduct research. Letters must be accompanied by a Letter of Recommendation Cover Sheet found here: http://hsc.unm.edu/research/brep/pipeline_howtoapply.shtm It is your responsibility to ensure your recommender sends your letter.

Before you begin, it may be helpful to gather the following documents and information:
-An unofficial copy of your transcripts from every college or university you've attended.
-Your personal statement about why you would like to be considered for the Summer Research Experience. Please ensure to address your career goals, reasons for wanting to engage in summer research, how the program fits into your career plan and prior laboratory/field research experience.

This online application gives you the flexibility to complete your application all at once or to work on it a little at a time on the same computer. If you wish to work on only one portion of the application at a time, or come back and edit your answers at a later time, you may do so by clicking the "Exit this survey" link in the upper right corner of the page. You must use the same computer and have cookies enabled to access this feature. Please note, this feature may not be available on some public computers.

DO NOT click the "Done" button until you are satisfied that you have answered all the questions.

Once you have clicked the "Done" button, your application will be submitted as is and you will not be able to make changes. Please remember to proof-read your entire application before you click the "Done" button.

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