* 1. What did you think about Eddie Deen's Ranch as the location for the event?

* 2. What did you think about the food choices for the event?

* 3. Did you feel welcomed when you arrived?

* 4. What did you think about the program schedule?

* 5. Did you leave the event energized and revitalized for Girl Scouts as a result of the presentations?

* 6. Did you meet old or make new friends?

* 7. Did you like seeing a Girl Scout pathway featured? (the Tejas Riders in 2014)

* 8. Did you feel appreciated by GSNETX at this event?

* 9. How will you encourage more adults to attend the Adult Recognition Event in 2015?

* 10. Quotable quotes:

Would you like to help make the 2015 event memorable? Please contact Pat Sherwood psherwood@gsnetx.org.