Application Requirements:

1. Click here to download the application as a Word document. Use this document to complete and save your answers.

2. Once you have answered all questions, copy and paste your answers into the online application below.

3. Submit at least one photo (jpg) highlighting your community’s project to placemaking@bsu.edu. Additional photos and other visual aids are encouraged.

4. All applications are due by June 27th.

5. All Indiana communities may apply. For purposes of this application, we define community as a group of people living in a specific locality bound by common heritage, values, attitudes, and/or interests.

5. All finalists must be present at the Primacy of Place Community Awards Program on August 7th in Muncie, Indiana to win.

6. Award winners may be asked to present during the 2014 Primacy of Place conference on October 16th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

* Name of Community:

* Community Population:

* Community's Website:

* Project Name:

* Project Website; if different than applicant's website:

* Does your community have and regularly use any of the following social media platforms?

* Lead Community Representative:

* Primary Contact (if other than Lead Community Representative):

* Summarize your community initiative in 250 words or less. (please note: this paragraph may be used in the promotion of your project by Ball State University.)

* Identify and explain the project’s mission, scope of work, and execution including a timeline.

* Describe the process your community took in order to prioritize this project. For example, was your project a result of an identified community issue or a perceived future one?

* Identify key partners and the role each partner played in the development and implementation of your project.

* Identify your greatest challenge and how you addressed it.

* What advice would you give another community faced with similar issues?

* Describe the positive impact of your community project on the quality of life experienced by your residents, businesses, and visitors. Please include examples and supporting documentation (e.g., links to newspaper articles, quotes). Photos are encouraged; send in jpg format to placemaking@bsu.edu.

* Describe efforts by the community and project partners to ensure your community project’s sustainability.

* Please provide key project data collected and when it was collected:

PRIMACY OF PLACE represents a community’s strategic choice to dedicate its resources toward the improvement of life experiences for residents, businesses, and visitors.

* In which area(s) do you consider your community efforts focused? (Choose up to three categories. Please designate only one as your project's primary focus. For more information about each option, click on a category name. The webpage will open in a new tab or browser window.)

* Describe how your community initiative exemplifies Primacy of Place. How does the initiative show that your community is dedicated to improving quality of life? How do these efforts fit into your community’s overall vision?

* Note: